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Database of known scammers:

Are you wondering if the person that you are talking to is too good to be true? Are there things that you are being told that just don't make sense? Did the person find you on a web site and start professing their love for you in a short period of time? Did they tell you that they were currently working in a foreign country, mainly Nigeria? Are they telling you that they are having trouble cashing their paychecks? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you need to become educated about scam artists that abound.

The scammers trick their victims into transferring thousands of dollars to Nigeria, some other West African countries, and some parts of Russia. These scams total to millions of dollars per year. The one tell-tale thing that will alert you immediately that you are the butt end of a scam is that the so-called "honey" will ask you for money. They will spin you a yarn wrapped in loving kisses and promises. Its all lies! In fact, its probably not a woman at all who is writing to you, it’s a man: a scam artist. NEVER EVER EVER SEND ANY MONEY until you have a true one on one relationship where you have actually met the person and spent time getting to know her.

Online scams come in many shapes and forms, but there is one particularly nasty form: romance scams. They play with their victims' feelings, sending them lovely messages, calling them on the phone, sending them gifts, and making them believe that they have finally met their "one and only." And, after the've built some degree of trust, they violate that trust with a scam. The most common online scams are Nigerian scams and Russian scams.

Since these types of scams involve some romantic foreplay and physical attraction, the major weapon of the romance scammers is PHOTOS. The more attractive they are, the easier the scam! The scammers almost never use their own photos and show their own ugly faces. They use photos of other people: attractive, good and decent. In most cases, they steal photos from online modeling agencies, like,,, or from magazines. But they may also steal pictures from the real dating or Yahoo profiles of innocent people.

In the case of Russian scams, the girls on the pictures are also innocent (or even Russian models and celebrities) whos pictures are used without their knowledge. Or, they may get paid to get their pictures taken with or without knowing what the pictures will be used for. If they are involved in the scam, they pick up money through Western Union. Also, they may get paid 15% of the scam revenue. Either way, those are not the actual girls you are corresponding with. The scam "writers" and the scam "models" are men posing as women.

Read the real life stories we have posted on this page. You will notice all the scams involve you sending money on some pretext. If you have not personally met the woman and until you are virtually engaged to be married, DO NOT SEND MONEY.
If it comes down to meeting her face to face then you go there, do not send money for her to come to America, you will never see her or the money again.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!: Here are some real life case studies:


I talked to a Russian girl for over two months. She decided she was ready to come to the U.S. and be with me. Loved me with all her heart. We were soul mates. She got her visa and was so excited until she found out she did not have enough money to purchase the plane ticket.

[She] sent me a copy of her visa, flight plans, and how I could send her $900.00 American dollars to help pay for the plane ticket. She gave me instructions of what info to send back to her, so she could get the money and pay for the ticket. She specified strongly, that she needed the tranfer control #. I did so and she got the money. She said she would be here soon. Two days later she writes me with bad news. The airline would not let her on the plane without insurance.

She was very disappointed, crying and scared. She said they needed $500.00 American dollars for insurance before they would let her on the plane. She was stuck at the airport with no money for lodging or meals. So! I sent here the money again.

My suspicions were getting higher. I told myself I would not give her any more money if she asked for it. I called an airline and asked about insurance. They did not know much. The next day she wrote me again. She was in customs control. She said the American that worked there, asked her how much money she had with her to take with her to the U.S. One hundred American dollars she said. He told her that was not enough. She had to have at least $1000.00 American dollars in her pocket to be allowed to travel to the U.S. But she assured me that I would get the money back when she arrived. And we would be together forever.

Ding, Ding, Ding!!!! I knew then I had been scammed. I called customs control and sure enough, there is no American customs worker in Moscow, Russia. I had developed strong feelings for this girl. It hurt me and made me really mad. This was another lesson learned. But I know this will not happen to me again. Whoever it is, I am still getting e-mails. But! so far I have not written back. I want to see if the FBI can do anything about it first.
Stanley, MO


I have actually been the victim of two international scams. The first was based on a relationship I had with a girl who claimed to live in Nigeria. She claimed that she was a U.S. citizen (but could never spell like an American) who was overseas as a sales rep for a large US retail company.

She went on to claim that she had been robbed there and was staying in a hotel until lucky ol me came along. She got in my good graces and convinced me she wanted to marry me and loved me so much...eventually after much suspicion, i sent her a total of $480 after about 2 months.

Needless to say, she still wants more, but I’m onto her. By the way, her name is "Comfort Dani Legunsen". If you get an IM from ", watch out. Next instance. This woman named "Kim Rose" contacted me and we started talking, I never suspected her because she never asked for money. She just talked to me. After about a month, she asked if I would "clear" some money for her.

I fell prey to this one because she offered to send me money orders prior so I thought she was legitimate. I should’ve known she was a fake because she was from the same country, Nigeria but under different circumstances. Anyway, she sent me 5 money orders, which I found to be counterfeit after we stopped talking. The total cost of this scam came to $3,400. Which I will fight to the tooth to prosecute this individual.
Justin, AZ


It was back in May that I had recently broken up with my girl friend. I was feeling sad and lonely. Then I happened to receive an E-mail from a girl who lives in Russia. At first I did not pay much attention but then she started emailing me again until I started writing her back. She would write me how lonely she felt living by herself in her small apartment. As we continued writing each other, she started telling me she had feelings towards me. I wrote her back telling her also that I had feelings towards her even though it was not true. Well, to make a story short, eventually she wanted to meet me. She wanted to come to the U.S. She wrote me that she wanted to meet me and that she was going to try to get a visa. Well, after reading how determined she sounded, I thought she must be serious.

Well, as time went along, she kept me up-to-date on the visa process. Then the turning point came when she said she needed $350 to pay for visa documentation. I hesitated sending her money but she sounded so convincing and authentic. So I sent her $350 by wire transfer. All of a sudden she stopped writing me. That’s when I thought that most likely I had been taken. After some time, she writes me back thanking me for the help and sends me a picture of the visa. Wow, I was relieved that maybe she is coming to see me. But it kind of seemed suspicious about the picture on the visa. It looked like it was not her. (She had previously sent me pictures of her). Well, being kind of exited, I didn’t pay too much attention and wrongly believed that it had to be her.

So after a while, she writes me back telling me that she is going to take airline tickets but she only has half the money and that she needs me to step in and come to her rescue. Well, I figure that she has her visa and she is paying for her airline tickets, I guess it would be fair for me to send her $450 and help her out. So again, she sends me a picture signed, "I'm coming to you my love." So I make arrangements for her arrival. I make reservations for hotel. I put down a deposit for an apartment. I make arrangements for me to pick her up at the airport. As time goes by, I don’t hear from her. I call the airline and ask if this person Svetlana Leontewa is on board and they tell me there’s so such passenger on board. I surely have been taken.

How did this happen to me? I should have known better. But to my surprise, I receive an E-mail from her telling me that before boarding the plane, customs set her aside and kept her from getting on the plane because she was traveling as a tourist and she needed to have money for travel expenses. Then, she asks me for more money. That’s when I decide that it is enough. No more money. She begs and begs not to let her down. She tells me how she has worked so hard to get to meet me and that if I feel something for her I should send her more money. But I just don’t send her money. I just have a gut feeling that this is a scam. And it turns out to be a scam. It was too good to be true.
Joe, Illinois

We will be posting more real life stories here as we get them, to serve as a warning to our American male customers. We also offer a free advise e mail line.Contact us any time, day or night if you have any doubts as to what you should do. If we do not have the answer we will get it from an expert for you.